Miniature & Pharmaceutical Folding

Often called Pharmaceutical folding, these small leaflets have many uses for countless situations where packaging space is limited. All mini leaflets are printed on our commercial digital and litho presses to ensure high print quality and maintain cost efficiency. We are also a reliable, trust-worthy source for your finishing needs. Let our experienced team and extensive folding capabilities help you complete your job.

The uses for miniature folding are numerous but typical uses include:

  • Product instruction leaflets
  • Pharmaceutical information leaflets
  • Pocket media/schedules/maps
  • Voucher booklets
  • Marketing campaign literature
  • Miniature stitched booklets
Iowa miniature folding press
Iowa Miniature folding machinery

Miniature folding requires specialized machinery.

We have the small format folding capabilities to roll fold, gate fold, cross fold and concertina fold down to sizes as small as ¾” x 2”.

Depending on the paper weight chosen, we can produce miniature folded leaflets with as little as one fold or as many as 8 folds.

We can print and fold on stocks as light as 40 lb and heavier depending on the number of folds.

Our continuous investment in technology has increased productivity and efficiency for our customers.  With the most up-to-date folding and bindery equipment available on the market, we are committed to staying current with trends in the industry.  In the last five years, we have moved to a new facility, added new digital print capabilities, multiple new folding machines, updated prepress technology and an increased production area with a building addition (new in 2017).  We are committed to providing not only an outstanding product but an enjoyable experience.

Standard Operating Procedures

Julin Printing has implemented written Standard Operating Procedures to create best practices across the company. The standard operating procedures are written to include all aspects of the business, from quoting to shipping.

Sections in the SOP include a quality system, management, training, error procedure, process flow, quality procedure, maintenance, safety procedure, and more. Each of these sections, broken down in many cases by job position.

These procedures were introduced to enhance an already remarkable history of quality and service.

Pharmaceutical Folding in Iowa

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